• Drum set selection
  • Instrument locate / assist
  • Drum head selection and drum tuning
  • Professional, experienced cymbal specialist
  • Tech support for drummers, producers, recording studios, bands and concert venues

My experience is based on 50 years as a full time drum set professional; following closely the origins and evolution of the drum set, professional B20 bronze cymbals, drum heads and drum sticks. I possess a vast knowledge of the huge variety of vintage kits and cymbals as well as being up to date on the newest kits and cymbals introduced each year. Utilizing my knowledge of the current dollar value of vintage instruments as well as getting to the bottom of the hype of new instruments, you can feel confident in the fact that you are making a smart purchase based on your needs, tastes, styles, applications and budget.

There are many factors that influence us when we are considering buying a snare drum, a drum set, specific cymbals and even hardware, not the least of which is the sound of the instruments. There are unlimited combinations and parameters that can be used to make drums and cymbals sound the way they do. My knowledge of the differing effects of these parameters, manufacturing techniques and the outcomes they produce gives me the unique ability to work with you in making a more holistic determination of your needs.

I recommend making your choice based on a detailed sound conception. You take the time to create a clear mental image of the type of sound you want, whether it’s a snare drum, a full set of drums or cymbals. You create a clear image of the sound ahead of time and the way the drum or cymbal feels. I can show you how to do this. Once you’ve done this important step, using my experience and knowledge of drum and cymbal construction, we can then determine how that sound is produced; what type of drum will make that sound. Reverse engineering a clear, pre-determined sound and its application allows us to determine such things as shell sizes, types of wood and laminates, degrees of bearing edges, head choices and how to tune the drum. Cymbals are the same; determining the sounds, feel and applications ahead of time we can easily know what type of cymbal will make that sound. We’ll choose cymbals that not only work perfectly, but push you to play better and more creatively.

I am not in business to sell drums or cymbals but rather to assist you in making informed, smart decisions based on your unique needs, your application, your abilities and styles of music. However, should you need assistance in locating specific instruments it is available through my established vast network of connections.

Tech Support / Professional Assistance

Contact me for quick, efficient, positive results in optimizing a drum and cymbal setup for a recording project or tour, selecting and tuning a rental set to your specifications, or choosing a versatile, reliable, affordable setup for a back line.

Buying a Drum Set

There are many factors which influence the choice we make when buying a drum set: the player, price, new or used, sizes, shell composition and types, configurations, type of use or application for the set; other factors include the age, size, ability of the player, the type of music that will be played; whether to buy on line, in a store or from a friend. Many sets are sold without a snare drum. You’ll need to consider cymbals. Even a throne is a separate purchase. Hardware and pedals are likely to be yet another purchase. Not to mention all the different price points and sound variability’s.

I can help you to easily and confidently navigate and complete this important purchase and ensure that you make the choice that is right for you. I can assist you in sorting it out and clarifying your needs, narrowing it down to a few positive choices and then you can either shop for yourself or I can locate your instrument for you for a modest finder’s fee.

Drum Head Selection and Tuning

Choosing the right heads and tuning the drums properly for the specific sound and feel you want is another area that can be costly, confusing and even frustrating. I can show you how to know what heads are the right heads for your unique use and application. You can learn how to easily tune them for the sound that you want. I can show you how to identify the sound you want ahead of time, then how to deconstruct that sound to know how it is produced. Once you’ve done that, you can easily choose the right heads and tune them to achieve that specific sound. Learning the essential basics of replacing heads, like proper seating, is essential for effective results. There are many factors involved in one’s head choices: the tone and feel you want, the type of drums you have, the application, how you play, the type of music the drums will be used for as well as the venue; whether live or recording.

The World of Cymbals

I have had an obsession with cymbals since the 1960’s. Collecting, playing and gaining full knowledge of the manufacturing processes and its limitless variations gives me valuable insight when advising players about these sparkling instruments.

Cymbals can be a costly purchase. Not only that, but buying an inexpensive set can be costly to your ears. The seemingly endless choices, whether new, used and vintage, may seem overwhelming, downright confusing and sometimes mysterious. Together we can methodically and positively identify the cymbals that are not only the correct choice for your unique use and style, but will inspire you to go beyond your present musical ability. I can show you how to know what types of cymbals you need to fit your application, taste and ability. There is a small consultation fee. Or, if you prefer, for a modest finder’s fee we can determine the best cymbals for you and I will find them for you at the best possible price.