The Teacher

Professional musician and life educator Brett Campbell has always been curious. His life has been overflowing with enriching experiences. The drum set found him in 1963 and he has gained much wisdom through his extensive life experience before beginning to teach drums and music in 1991. Since then he has shared his wisdom with over 500 students in private one-on-one or group classes. In early 2013 he successfully taught a three month course in Deep Practice techniques to the faculty of the Music Department at Peking University in Beijing.

As a very experienced yet humble teacher he builds solid, supportive, long-lasting relationships with his students, many of whom have gone on to become successful professional musicians and lead rich, rewarding lives. He easily becomes a personal mentor for his students and builds close and lasting friendships, guiding them to successfully navigate the complexities of life and inspiring them to grow beyond their perceived limitations.

Brett’s hard work and experience have enabled him to build a vast inner matrix for teaching. It’s an amalgam of technical knowledge, strategy, experience and practical instinct ready to be put to instant use to locate and understand where the students are and where they need to go.

Utilizing kindness, patience and information-rich practices, he has developed a bright, flexible, intuitive presence in class. His teaching and musical style is well-grounded yet flexible. He can easily adapt to the needs and learning styles of his students, while keeping them motivated, focused and on track toward their goal. Students become motivated and inspired to be their best in all areas of their lives.

Brett’s teaching style is rooted in real-world experience that spans many decades. Combined with a strong knowledge of American music, he knows not only the music but the social context from which it comes. Through Brett’s deep understanding of the cultural and social contexts of all American musical art forms, students learn to recognize and utilize established musical language and styles. They learn what has come before and why so they can speak the language and have a chance to be creative and endeavor to do something new. To reach beyond.

Over the years he has developed unique strategies for musicians to reach and exceed their goals using a very effective method called Deep Practice. Students learn how to utilize these intensive methods in their daily lives as well as on their instrument.

Through clear instruction, intense mental focus, learning to be physically relaxed, self-observation and correction, students learn how to listen, groove deeply, how to improvise, how to develop masterful control of their instrument and discover themselves as a true musician. Students learn to develop critical thinking, to analyze and to think on their own; to search for Truth.

Brett’s musicianship and teaching ability is continually evolving. He explores the learning process in depth. He creates new and innovative techniques to get his students to the core of deep learning by developing Deep Practice techniques. Whether beginner or advanced, students learn to adapt and apply the art of Deep Practice to excel in all areas of their lives. Through his mentoring, they develop self-awareness, self-respect, compassion, empathy, health and internal happiness. They learn the art of living.

In his own words, “From the very beginning it was always the sounds that caught me and it’s still the same today. It was the sound that conveyed a certain emotional response. As a musician, I’ve been lucky enough to cultivate the awareness of the quality of the notes I play. I feel this gives a big advantage to my sound and how I am able to connect with others. Through thousands of hours of thoughtful, slow, focused deep practice, I developed a control of articulation that helps me speak in a human language: a language based on subtle colors, tones, feelings and expressiveness; a careful and thoughtful language that speaks and is both heard and felt. This life of practice has turned to a practice of Life.”